How to book a trip

Booking over the phone

You or the HIPAA-authorized person calling for you will need to:

1. Call a transportation company to see if they are available to take you to  your doctor’s appointment.

You can call the transportation company you always use (or) if you need help finding a transportation company you can call Transdev at (877) 725-0569.

2. Call Transdev at (877) 725-0569 to ask for authorization for your trip.

If you are calling Transdev for the first time or have not used the service in a while, you will be asked some questions to assess your condition and need for medical transportation such as:

  • How have you been getting around?
  • How do you get to church or to the grocery store?
  • How have you been transported to your medical appointments in the past?
  • Do you have any medical conditions or diagnoses that may affect your transportation requirements?

To book trips you will be asked:

  • Your Medicaid ID number (9-digit Recipient Identification Number)
  • Your name (we may need to get your “OK” to talk with the person calling for you)
  • Your pick-up address and phone number
  • The general reason for your doctor’s visit
  • The name of the office/clinic/hospital where you are going
  • The name of the doctor you will be seeing
  • The address and phone number where you are going
  • The appointment date and time
  • If there are medical or non-medical reasons why you can not use public or other transportation
  • If you use a walker, wheelchair or cane
  • If you can travel by yourself

To verify the appropriate mode of transportation according to your medical needs, Transdev may request to receive a CTS Form (found here). The CTS Form can be completed and sent to Transdevt by a licensed medical professional, like your doctor or nurse.

3. Transdev will give you a Request Tracking Number (RTN) and inform you the status of the trip (ex.: pending further review, approved, or denied).

4. If the trip is APPROVED, call the transportation company to arrange your ride. Give them your  Request Tracking Number (RTN) and schedule your pick-up time.

** Please note, some transportation requests require special handling (i.e. behavioral health requests, physical therapy requests, long distance trips, etc.) and may take up to 5 business days to process.