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Selecting the Right Vehicle for Your Transportation Needs

As a Medicaid Participant you can choose any medical transportation provider that is enrolled with the State of Illinois. However according to Illinois Administrative Code, Section 140.491 A, for payment to be made, the transportation service must be to the nearest available medical provider, by the least expensive mode that is adequate to meet the individual’s need. When public transportation is available and is a practical form of transportation, payment will not be made for a more expensive mode of transportation.

What you must do:

  1. If this is your first time using the service, please call Transdev at 877-725-0569, and they will determine the most adequate mode of transportation for your needs.
  2. You must choose your transportation provider from the list given to you by Transdev. If none of the transportation providers given to you can take you to your appointment, you can call Transdev back and ask for assistance.
  3. After you have arranged for transportation with the provider of your choosing, call back Transdev so the trip can be approved.

Modes of Transportation

There are several types of vehicles registered to provide medical transportation:

  • Private Auto – Privately owned passenger vehicle (your own car or a friend’s)
  • Public Transportation – Buses, train, Metra, CTA
  • Paratransit – PACE Buses
  • Service Car/Taxi – Passenger vehicle for patients who can be transported safely in a regular car
  • Medicar – Transportation for patients whose medical condition requires the use of a hydraulic lift or ramp, wheelchair lockdowns, or a stretcher.
  • Ambulance