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List of transportation providers in your area

Guidelines and forms for you to register as your own transportation provider

Medicaid Participants have the right to choose any NET provider as long as the provider is currently enrolled with the Department with the appropriate level of transport medically necessary for the Participant on the date of service. Transdev does not contract with or credential NET providers or their drivers. We do not verify insurance coverage, driver abstract records or perform criminal background checks. Transdev is not responsible for any accidents or incidents that may occur during transport.

When a Participant asks for assistance in finding a NET provider, a random selection process is used to assist Participants with NET provider selection in their area. The list of NET providers is supplied by the Department. This selection process does not favor any NET provider over another.

As a Medicaid Participant you can choose any medical provider that is enrolled with the State of Illinois. However according to Illinois Administrative Code, Section 140.491 A, for payment to be made, the transportation service must be to the nearest available provider, by the least expensive mode that is adequate to meet the individual’s need. When public transportation is available and is a practical form of transportation, payment will not be made for a more expensive mode of transportation.